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A conversation about health for anyone wanting to be the best version of themselves, by Katrina Mather, owner of The Body Toolkit Retreat in Scotland.


Magnesium the Miracle Mineral And Why We’re So Deficient


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Could the Coronavirus End Up Being Good For Our Health?


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From Migraines, Menopause & Stress to Feeling 'A-maz-ing'


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From Several Anxiety Attacks per Day to Nothing in a Year


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Dehydration - As Dangerous as Drink Driving?


'This Week Has Transformed Me - I've Never Felt So Good'


ASB Award Finalist - Katrina Mather, The Body Toolkit


'Katrina's Smooth Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle'


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Scottish Women in Business Award Winner


Scotsman Review of The Body Toolkit - A New Way of Living


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Thank You For A Truly Life-Changing Week


First of its Kind Health Retreat in the Scottish Highlands


My Anxiety and Stress Shifted Overnight


Life: 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React


Teeth Whitening and Detox All In One – Oil Pulling


Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Living Life


My First Juice Detox Experience

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