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'The Virtual Retreat Was An Absolute Godsend'


Since launching the Virtual Retreats in May, I've been lucky enough to share the online version of the retreats with over 40 people, in 10 different countries, with attendees benefiting from at least one of the following: weight loss, increased energy, less pain, improved digestion and mood. 

I've been blown away by how popular the online retreats have been, not to mention how much attendees have benefited from the experience. The DIY 'At Home' version of the retreats have proven to be as profound as the 'real' retreats in generating significant results for people, and I am sharing some of these inspiring results, in this blog. 

Margaret"The virtual retreat was an absolute Godsend! Before the retreat I felt sluggish and lacked energy, both physically and mentally, and during lockdown my eating habits were on a downward spiral, despite my best efforts. I was apprehensive about the retreat but found the whole experience inspiring and extremely easy to do, thanks to Katrina’s continued support."

"From day one I felt so much better! The juices and soups are delicious and at no point did I feel hungry or have any real cravings. The zoom meetings were incredibly informative and beneficial, Katrina is a master at keeping you motivated and interested. I learned so much! The physical changes were noticeable immediately, I felt more alert and vital and my aches and pains diminished. I feel that I now have the tools to go forward with what I’ve learned and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I've encouraged my friends to sign up for a retreat. If you do one thing for yourself, do this." 

Michael: "After 6 days of juicing, for the first time in 2 years, my nose is completely unblocked, my bloating and nausea have gone, my fasting blood sugar level has dropped and I've lost around 7kg of fat. Beyond these physical results, I feel clearer, more alert, happier, and driven than before. It's set me on a bit of a journey to see how I can use this momentum to create long term change. Going on the hundreds of testimonials that Katrina shares with you during the retreat, and now my own, I can say that 6 days and a few quid to rethink your health is nothing, so please do check it out."   

Elaine"I feel great, simply great. The pain in my feet and back has completely subsided, and my shoulder is much better. I've lost 6 lbs in the 2 weeks, I'm sleeping like a baby and I'm able to run faster and further. I'm now juicing everyday, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and doing intermittent fasting. Thank you for a wonderful week."

Vanessa"Challenging, enlightening and incredibly informative. Katrina has packed all of her research and experience into a week that will inspire you to be the best you can be. I know the things I have learnt and incorporated into my day to day will be an investment in my health for years to come. Best birthday present ever." 

Anyone with a future residential retreat booking will qualify for free access to 'The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat' (worth £297). To claim a free place, please just get in touch with me by sending an enquiry here.

Included in the 7-Day Virtual Retreat

- Full access to The Body Toolkit's 7-day detox programme
- Coaching ahead of the retreat: what you will need & how to prepare
- Support with preparing the juice & soup recipes
- 4 x 1 hour gentle yoga classes with Daniela Lanaia
- Daily 4 x 1/2 hour coaching videos with me (Katrina Mather) to guide you through each step of the retreat experience
- Coaching on the detox process, nutrition, gut health, internal cleansing, earthing, emotional resilience, vision and goal identification
- Guidance on magnesium therapy, oil pulling, dry skin body brushing, cold hydrotherapy, journalling and gratitude
- Connection to the community also following the detox at home
- With all retreat resources, video and group interaction in one convenient place, with an accompanying app

I cannot emphasise enough what a difference Katrina’s guided retreat can make to your life. The Body Toolkit experience delivered far more than we could ever have expected.  We were completely nourished, nurtured, rested, educated, exercised and inspired.”  Willis & Joanne   

For more information about the Online Retreats see: The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreats

The Body Toolkit award-winning retreat programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive. For dates, availability and prices for upcoming retreats:

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