The Body Toolkit Tools

Lasting good health and weight loss come from addressing all aspects of how we treat the body and the mind.  The tools we have carefully put together not only support and guide you whilst at the retreat, but they also ensure that you can maintain your goals when you return home.


Remove all that does not serve the body.

The underlying cause of physical, emotional and mental imbalances is the clogging of our cells, tissues and organs after decades of highly processed, unnatural diets and modern lifestyles.  The Body Toolkit's carefully designed juice detox programmes ensure your cells and blood get all they need to stay clean, nourished and hydrated, while the body can set to work removing any toxins that may have built up over the years.  


Exercise the body in ways that please you.

We are designed to breathe, explore and move in the outdoors, surrounded by nature.  At each Body Toolkit retreat we remind the body how good it feels to do just that, from beach strolls to hill walks.  We don’t believe in bootcamps or beating the body into submission as they cause the body unnecessary stress and the results do not last.  Finding ways to exercise and move the body that please us is a recipe for joy and results last longer if what you are doing gives you pleasure.  


Create space for the body to repair and regenerate.

As we succumb to the pace of modern life and the stresses it entails, invariably we sacrifice the time in the day where we ought to be resting.  Inadequate sleep can mean that the body doesn’t have enough time to repair muscles, boost memory, release hormones, or regulate metabolism.  During a Body Toolkit programme you are encouraged to rest as much as possible and try techniques such as meditation and earthing.  The best results come when we create space and allow the body to just ‘be'.


Understand what the body needs to thrive.

The human body is the most incredible machine we have ever encountered – constantly rebuilding and regenerating itself, with whatever fuel it's given, to keep our 10 trillion cells alive.  The first step in any meaningful change in health is to understand and appreciate the needs of the body at a cellular level, only then does it become clear what the body really needs in order to thrive.  Transition diet coaching is provided with the aim of maintaining the best transformation for you.


Define and create the health that you want

The mind is the body’s most powerful tool.  Thinking patterns and beliefs affect our life and our physical health - invariably our experiences are what we believe we deserve at a subconscious level.  At the retreats we identify the things in your health that you would like to remove, as well as those things that you would like to have more of in your life.  A variety of simple techniques will help you continue to refine, retune and attract your ideal picture of health for a long time to come.