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'A New Way of Living At Home' - Virtual Retreat


Inspired by last week's Virtual Retreat at the start of the New Year, and 'what a difference a week can make', Suzanne has shared a testimonial based on her experience of trying The Body Toolkit Online Retreat, for the first time.

'A New Way of Living at Home'

"Having just completed The Body Toolkit January Reset the difference in my overall feeling of wellbeing is huge.  My skin is good, my eyes are bright, my tummy is flat and I’m full of energy! What is more, rather unexpectedly, and it is early days for me to be sure of long-term relief, my hot flushes have reduced in frequency and intensity!  I am not craving sugar nor dairy.  What a difference a week makes."

"I started January feeling lethargic and chubby with dry skin and dull eyes and really lacking in enthusiasm for the new year.  I had my reservations about signing up for the programme, I told myself I would never have the discipline to juice at home but here we were again in another Covid lockdown and I really had no excuse not to take control of my body and cravings and just do it!"

"I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t tempted to indulge in family suppers.  I put this down to my eyes and brain seeing the large quantities of healthy raw produce ready to be juiced - how could I possibly be hungry consuming so much goodness? The slight downside of a home reset versus a Body Toolkit residential retreat is it is much harder to set aside quiet time for contemplation.  But there is no travelling time, no arranging pet care/child care/home care and for me this is a winner."

"Katrina is the best advert ever for her business.  She radiates health and really glows from within; she is your best friend and champion.  She has vast knowledge of the properties of different fruit and vegetables and their medicinal purposes and is always there to support and answer questions."

"The programme isn’t only about juicing of course, we covered many other tools for health and wellbeing which I have incorporated into my daily life. I am carrying on, and will carry on with these new healthy habitsI have been introduced to a new way of living at home and I really hope the virtual retreats continue beyond lockdown as I will be a regular participant."

Suzanne, 18th January 2021

Included in the 7-Day Virtual Retreat:

- Full access to The Body Toolkit's 7-day detox programme

- Coaching ahead of the retreat: what you will need & how to prepare

- Support with preparing the juice & soup recipes

- Online Welcome Meeting & Introduction on the Saturday Evening

- Daily 2 x 1/2 hour live coaching sessions with Katrina to guide you through each step of the retreat experience

- Daily 2 x Mini Workshop Videos covering:

Coaching on the detox process, nutrition, gut health, internal cleansing, emotional resilience, vision and goal identification, magnesium therapy, oil pulling, dry skin body brushing, cold hydrotherapy, journalling and gratitude practices

- Access to 4 x 1 hour pre-recorded gentle yoga classes

- Connection to the community also following the detox at home

- Dedicated App for the Programme - with all resources, video recordings, content and private group interaction in one place

I cannot emphasise enough what a difference Katrina’s guided retreat can make to your life. The Body Toolkit experience delivered far more than we could ever have expected.  We were completely nourished, nurtured, rested, educated, exercised and inspired.”  Willis & Joanne   

For more information about the Online Retreats see: The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreats

The Body Toolkit award-winning retreat programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive. For dates, availability and prices for upcoming retreats:

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