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Online Retreat - Results from the First Virtual Retreat


This week I shared my first 'Virtual Retreat' with a group of 16 people from all over the world and we were able to shift the Coronavirus lockdown into a positive and "profound experience". 

Whilst taking the retreats online started out as an experiment, my expectations have been completely blown out of the water, in terms of how much everyone enjoyed the virtual retreat experience, as well as how much they were able to benefit from the programme, whilst doing it all at home. I'm sharing some of the results gained over the course of the week in this blog, for inspiration.

Freda"Simply.. amazing.. that's how I feel after a 6-day virtual retreat with The Body Toolkit. What a week it has been. I feel full of energy, I feel calm and positive, I've lost a few pounds and - hurrah - that 'muffin top'. The retreat was as much a mental reset as a physical one for me, and for many of the participants. I'm happy." (see Freda's full review on her blog here)

Amy: "I did the online virtual retreat in May and can honestly say it was an amazing experience. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with it all being online. But the connection and encouragement amongst the group was so strong. Katrina is such a calming and encouraging presence and kept us all motivated. But what I enjoyed most about the retreat is that it also included so many amazing workshops for both the mind and body! Post retreat I’ve lost that bloated feeling and I’ve started weight and strength training again!"

Angela:"I've had a wonderful week: I've lost 6.8lbs in weight and the constant arthritic pain in my neck, back, hip and shoulders has gone, which means that I'm also getting a more restful sleep. My skin is softer, my energy levels are at an all time high, and I've even managed to convert my entire family! What a gift you've given us." 

Kirsty"I’m feeling great! The online retreat has helped me re-set my approach to health and wellbeing in the broadest sense. After the week of juicing I feel lighter, more energised and more aware of how I’m fuelling my body - both in terms of what I am eating and how much time I leave for myselfSince the retreat I’ve continued with one juice per dayI’ve lost 3kg and have kept it off, my skin is glowing and I’m very motivated! I’m a juice convert and a big fan of your retreat."

Anyone with a future residential retreat booking will qualify for free access to 'The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat' (worth £297). To claim a free place, please just get in touch with me by sending an enquiry here.

Included in the 7-Day Virtual Retreat:

- Full access to The Body Toolkit's 7-day detox programme
- Coaching ahead of the retreat: what you will need & how to prepare
- Support with preparing the juice & soup recipes
- 4 x 1 hour gentle yoga classes with Daniela Lanaia
- Daily 4 x 1/2 hour coaching videos with me (Katrina Mather) to guide you through each step of the retreat experience
- Coaching on the detox process, nutrition, gut health, internal cleansing, earthing, emotional resilience, vision and goal identification
- Guidance on magnesium therapy, oil pulling, dry skin body brushing, cold hydrotherapy, journalling and gratitude
- Connection to the community also following the detox at home
- With all retreat resources, video and group interaction in one convenient place, with an accompanying app

For more information about the Online Retreats see: The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreats

The Body Toolkit award-winning retreat programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive. For dates, availability and prices for upcoming retreats:

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