The Body Toolkit 'Reset' Guided Detox

Exclusively for previous retreat attendees, the 'Reset' coaching programmes offer support and accountability, whilst following The Body Toolkit Guided Detox at home. With one daily coaching call every evening, and support from the group via a dedicated app throughout the day, the reset programmes are designed for those who have retreated before and want to hit the reset button again.

This supportive 6-night online programme gives you the opportunity to hit the reset button, and get back to an elevated sense of wellbeing, from the comfort of your own home. Designed for those who have previously retreated with The Body Toolkit, attendees report a significant boost to energy and mood, improved sleep and digestion, brighter skin, weight loss and a reduction in pain and inflammation. 

Whilst the residential retreats are a wonderful experience, there is something really powerful about doing a guided detox at home; from Day One the programmes help us to carve out new habits in our home environments, despite the usual distractions and temptations. Of course, there is more effort required for a DIY version at home, but with the daily Zoom calls, coaching throughout the day via an App, and feeling connected to a supportive community, the consistent feedback is that the 'Resets' offer the accountability to make detoxing not only possible at home, but also enjoyable. So much so, that there is a growing number of people using the online programmes as regular little "resets" throughout the year.

"Feeling amazing today, energy up and motivated. Thank you for another week of reminding me why this is so important."

Q: Can I do the programme whilst working? In an ideal world, everyone would have the time and space to create their very own 'retreat' at home, alhough, not everyone can afford time off work, or they have other commitments at home. I would certainly recommend lightening the workload for the first few days of the detox, to allow yourself as much rest as possible towards the start of the week. That being said, there can be benefits to doing a detox whilst working: 1) the days can pass quicker when we're focused on work rather than the detox, 2) you don’t have to take time off (or perhaps just one or two days at the start of the week) and 3) it can be powerful proving to ourselves that we’re able to get through challenging work days, and still make different choices whilst at home. 

What will it do for me?

Quite simply, detoxification is the single most important thing we can do to improve, not only our bodies, but our lives. Poor diets, lifestyles and excessive modern-day stresses burden the body with toxicity, and can lead to physical and emotional imbalances due to the accumulation of toxicity in our systems. 

When we help our bodies to remove toxins that have accumulated over time and nourish them with freshly extracted juices, the results are powerful, immediate and lasting.  After six nights, The Body Toolkit Retreat attendees regularly notice (read the testimonials):

  • Increased and sustained energy throughout the day 
  • Natural boost to mood, feeling happier and less mood swings
  • Lasting weight loss - where excess weight was carried
  • Relief from aches and pains - reduction in inflammation
  • Brighter, clearer, healthier skin
  • Improved quality of sleep and sleeping patterns
  • Elimination or marked decrease in cellulite
  • Improved immune system function

"Just completed my third Virtual Retreat, and I am so glad I did it again. When you do this programme you don't just benefit from the amazing effects of the juices, you learn about other ways to improve your health and well-being. Supported at all times by the careful and patient guidance of Katrina. I feel so fortunate to have taken part once again - I cannot recommend these retreats highly enough."

Included in the 6-Night 'Reset' Programme*:

  • Access to The Body Toolkit Retreat's award-winning results orientated juice detox programme
  • Coaching ahead of the retreat: kit list with what you will need and how best to prepare
  • Daily group check-in (in the mornings) - via a dedicated app
  • Daily coaching call via Zoom (in the evenings)
  • Guidance on the detox process, nutrition, gut health, internal cleansing, emotional resilience, vision and goal identification
  • Support with creating an evening gratitude practice
  • Connection to the group/community also following the detox at home
  • Nutritional coaching for the transition after the detox

*Please note that the £99pp 'Reset' Programme is exclusively for previous attendees of The Body Toolkit Retreats.

What you will need at home (not included in the 'Reset' price): 

  • A juicer (juice extractor) 
  • A blender for making smoothies and soup (e.g. Nutribullet or even a handheld 'stick' blender)
  • Fruit and vegetables for the juice and soup recipes, herbal teas, coconut oil and vegetable stock for the soup
  • 500ml bottles (preferably not plastic) for batching the juices (we'll be juicing three times a day)
  • Notebook & pen for journaling & notes
  • Dry skin body brush, magnesium oil & bath flakes and internal cleansing kit
  • Yoga mat or comfortable space for the class
  • On booking a full 'kit list' and 'shopping list' will be sent to you to help you prepare for your 'at home' detox

For more information about The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat programmes, or to ask Katrina a question, please send your enquiry here: Contact Us Page.


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