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What Juicer Should I Buy? Best First Time Juicer Under £100


Recently a lot of people have been asking me for recommendations on what juicer they should get, and I thought it would make sense to put it all down in a blog post to share with you as well.  When it comes to buying something like a juicer, the first step is to really think about what you can afford, or what you'd be happy spending right now.  Juicers are like any piece of electrical equipment, you get what you pay for - the more you spend on a juicer, generally translates into better quality juice and less waste.  

Having said that, if you're new to juicing and are looking for a really good juicer that's easy to use to get you started, my recommendation is to aim around the £100 mark.  The juicer that I have been recommending for the last year is the Philips Viva Collection HR1867/21 which retails around £110 and has also been a Which Magazine Best Buy.  It's smaller than most (so it takes up less space on your work top), it's efficient (makes up to 2 litres of juice before needing emptied) and it's got "quick clean" technology which is marketing jargon, but essentially means that it's easier and faster to clean than other juicers... which is a huge bonus because the easier it is to use, the more likely you'll be to use it!

This is the only juicer I have sold at the retreats because it is so straight forward to use and clean, and it has even won in comparison tests against the more expensive Philips models, such as the Avance. 

Here's the Which Magazine Review:

What is it?
An affordable centrifugal juicer from Philips.  It has been designed to be easy to clean, with a built-in pulp collector and smooth rounded design.  Philips claim it can be leaned up in one minute and produces "maximum juice with minimum fuss". 
What's it great at?
It's a brilliant all rounder, and came out on top in our latest tests, producing lovely smooth juice.  It's quick and extracts loads of juice - even from vegetables. Noise isn't a problem with this model and it's simple and logical to assemble.  Cleaning does take longer than a minute - unless you go for a cursory rinse - but it is still easier than the other models we've tested.  
Is there anything else I should know?
All removable parts are dishwasher safe, which is handy.  Philips claims the filter is designed to be easy-clean thanks to its very smooth finish, and our experts noted that a good clean was indeed achievable with only a standard washing up sponge.
Should I buy it?
Absolutely, this is a great, stylish juicer at a reasonable price.

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