The Body Toolkit Retreat - Highlands

Retreat in Scotland: The Body Toolkit Retreat's award-winning 6-night programmes teach simple ways to nourish the body, reduce stress and ultimately help ourselves to thrive. Each retreat consists of a nourishing juice cleanse, walks in nature, yoga, relaxation and coaching on techniques to combat stress and achieve long-term results.

Supportive and gentle, this 6-night retreat in Scotland offers the opportunity to hit the reset button and kick-start a new sense of wellbeing. Consistently described as "life-changing", guests report a significant boost to energy and mood, improved sleep and digestion, brighter skin, weight loss and a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Launched by Katrina Mather in 2014, her unique philosophy not only addresses the physical aspect of health - with a nourishing organic juice and soup detox, walks in nature, yoga and relaxation - but also focuses on the role of the mind in health, offering techniques to combat stress, cravings and any negative beliefs that may be standing in the way of achieving long-term results. Hosted near Glenuig in the west coast Scottish Highlands, the venue is surrounded by some of the most spectacular coastline and scenery in Scotland. These award-winning detox retreats have attracted clients from all across the world and regularly sell out months in advance. 

What will it do for me?

I feel amazing and I can't thank you enough. Three weeks home: I am juicing regularly,have lost 11lbs, sleep better than I have for years... it’s making a huge difference to my health.” The Scotsman

Quite simply, detoxification is the single most important thing we can do to improve, not only our bodies, but our lives.  Poor diets, lifestyles and excessive modern-day stresses burden the body with toxicity, and can lead to physical and emotional imbalances due to the accumulation of toxicity in our systems. 

When we help our bodies to remove toxins that have accumulated over time and nourish them with freshly extracted juices, the results are powerful, immediate and lasting.  After six nights, The Body Toolkit Retreat attendees regularly notice (read the testimonials here):

  • Increased and sustained energy throughout the day 
  • Natural boost to mood, feeling happier & less mood swings
  • Lasting weight loss - where excess weight was carried
  • Relief from aches and pains - reduction in inflammation
  • Brighter, clearer, healthier looking skin
  • Elimination or marked decrease in cellulite
  • Improved quality of sleep and sleeping patterns
  • Elimination or marked decrease in cellulite
  • Improved immune system function

I cannot emphasise enough what a difference Katrina’s guided retreat can make to your life. The Body Toolkit experience delivered far more than we could ever have expected. We were completely nourished, nurtured, rested, educated, exercised and inspired.” 

The Body Toolkit Retreats are comprehensive, find out 'What's Included' and what a 'Typical Day' looks like on retreat. Each retreat runs Saturday to Friday, with arrival from 17.00pm on the Saturday and check out 10.00am on the Friday morning, to allow the whole day for travel. To enquire about The Body Toolkit Retreats, please send your message via the Contact Us page.

For more information about the location: The Body Toolkit Retreat, in Scotland.