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No Matter Your Age, Juicing Works


After spending a week with us, as our guest massage therapist, Lilian wanted to share her experience and what she was able to take away from her week at The Body Toolkit Retreat:

"When I first heard about this new juicing and wellness retreat in the west coast Scottish Highlands, my reaction was of instant interest and intrigue...  Could a health retreat like that work in Scotland?  What would it be like?  Shortly after, I was actually invited to offer massage therapy for the week and I was delighted to be in on something so completely up my street.  

I hadn’t been up to the highlands for years and I was so excited about the opportunity to unplug and switch off.  Nothing does that for me more, than having food provided and parked in front of me!  But I was amazed at how quickly I was able to unwind there: nature and a sense of positive wellbeing were filling me up soon after the first day.  The idea of having another six days of the same was absolute bliss. 

I’ll admit that despite being very health-conscious and a juice advocate myself, there were definitely some apprehensions about ‘abstaining’ from food (or more precisely, chewing) for seven days.  I think it’s quite natural.  However, the liquid fuel for the week ranged from beautiful deep red smoothies, (giving us instant natural lipstick) to verdant, green juices three times a day.  For the evenings, we were indulged with double helpings of substantial soups that were hearty and warming.  Hunger thankfully wasn’t an issue.

I can still see the juices and smoothies vividly in my mind's eye - not due to any hunger at the time - I just adored the tall glasses full of colour.  It reminded me of how much I eat with my eyes.  Don't we all?  Food that looks and tastes amazing gets me every time.  As we all gathered for the latest juice, there were lovely wafts of ginger, lemon and banana.  In saying that, all the food was vegetable based with small amounts of fruit being added for sweetness only.  It was all high water containing and that is the kicker for detoxing and getting everything in perfect working order.  

We got on really well as a group, especially with Katrina's thoughtful and empathetic hosting.  I was convinced I saw a new glow appearing in everyone’s faces after a day and a half.  The magic of juice fasting I had read about, was happening already.  Wow!  Eyes sparkled, skin glowed and laughter erupted more and more as the days passed.  That is saying something, as the weather's continuous precipitation (to put it politely) showed no signs of abating.  Each morning we walked through it and marvelled at the beauty of the landscape despite the rain.  The land, the lochs and the coast surrounding the retreat at Garmoran Square are just beautiful in the autumn and haven’t changed for centuries.  

Secretly I think the weather added to the experience: returning to the retreat from our walks to log fires and under floor heating was a Deep Delight!  To launch into a hot, magnesium bath was... Heaven. 

How can you not change for the better with all the wrap around goodness of The Body Toolkit's offerings?  We’re so often led to believe that degeneration and degradation is all we can look forward to as we grow older, but the tools and tips gleaned from the retreat, turns that thinking completely on its head.  It’s so easy to return home and carry on in part, or completely, what was started on the retreat with all the information and guidance.  It was very apparent also, that if our bodies are given what nourishes on the physical, mental and emotional level, they efficiently sort out so much for themselves.

Katrina is a born communicator and coach, as well as proof (we all were) that this works no matter our age.  It is vital information we could all have done with at school but the results of everyone on the retreat confirmed that: it is never too late.  Ten days after the retreat it’s worth mentioning that the excess weight I lost has stayed off and the giddy-high I left with has remained with me.  Recharge, restore and renew on a Body Toolkit Retreat - I wholeheartedly recommend it." 

The Body Toolkit award-winning retreat programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive. For dates, availability and prices for upcoming retreats:

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