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Five Reasons to Put a Detox in Your Diary


Stress, which seems to be unavoidable these days, has a lot to answer for and the body is usually left to pick up the tab.  Work pressures, busy lifestyles, the constant pull of technology, less time to rest, processed foods, alcohol and environmental pollution create emotional and physical stresses on the body. 

Stress loads the body with toxicity which it can deal with up to a point.  But after years of stress, the liver and colon become snowed under and end up storing toxins in tissues to be “dealt with later”.  But this build up means that the body can’t work at its best, so, things begin to slow down and it’s not long before you know all about it. 

You might start to feel tired, sluggish, your skin might breakout, maybe you put on weight, develop allergies, feel irritated, moody or even angry for no reason, cellulite appears or sleeping can be affected...  Essentially underneath any physical or emotional imbalance there is a build up of toxins in the body. 

When to detox:

1.  If you feel tired, low or “can’t be bothered”.  Feeling like this isn’t normal (although it might be a “new normal”).  When you wake up in the morning, normal is feeling well rested and wide awake, ready for the day but if you struggle to get out of bed something's out of balance and your body needs a break (not the 3 espressos).  To increase energy levels naturally, a juice detox helps your body clean out the rubbish that’s built up and starts nourishing it immediately, inside out.

2.  If you regularly find yourself stressed.  Human beings were designed to experience stress in “life or death” situations where we needed a surge of adrenalin to escape danger.  But how often do you feel stressed?  Even low levels of regular stress create a toxic environment in the body and ill-health can easily develop.  Getting rid of hard to digest foods from your diet, takes a huge strain off your digestion and by giving the body fresh juices, it has all it needs to heal and repair.

3.  If you struggle to lose weight and are at the mercy of food cravings.  If you are currently on the sugar craving merry-go-round: it’s not your fault, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.  I remember the relief when I heard that for the first time.  Food that turns to sugar in the bloodstream (white flour, potatoes, grains, sugar and alcohol) is highly addictive, and a detox gives you the perfect opportunity to break the cycle.  Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are all linked to excess weight, so getting a good relationship with sugar is definitely worth thinking about.

4.  If you’ve never tried a detox before.  We religiously brush our teeth twice a day, but what would happen if you didn’t brush them for a day, a week or even a month?  It wouldn’t be very nice (even in the healthiest of bodies) so, if that’s what the mouth would be like, then what about your organs, your blood, your cells, everything you can’t see?  A juice detox makes sure your cells and blood get all they need to stay clean, nourished and hydrated, while the body can set to work removing any waste that may have built up over the years.

5.  If you want to be the best version of you.  Here goes a bold statement: detoxification is the most important thing you can do to improve your life.  When we let toxins share space in the body, from poor diets and lifestyles, our body systems get knocked out of balance and can’t function properly and our mood can be seriously affected.  But, just imagine having all the energy you want to have, feeling happier with your body and having a level of mental clarity you’ve not had in years.  When you start to eat fresh, life-sustaining juices and food, the results are powerful, and often immediate.

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