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Online Retreat - 'The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat'


It's finally possible for me to share The Body Toolkit with you, as an Online Retreat, in the comfort of your own home. 'The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat' will be available at the beginning of May and will be teaching simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and ultimately help ourselves to thrive.  

Join me in early May to celebrate the launch of The Body Toolkit's Online Retreat, and experience it for yourself, from the comfort of your own home. Spring is in full swing and the pandemic lockdown has been taking its toll on us all, so let's hit the reset button together, as I share the full 7-day detox programme with you online, and guide you every step of the way.

Typical results from the retreats include: 

  1. increased & sustained energy
  2. feeling happier, better mood
  3. lasting weight loss 
  4. improved sleep and digestion
  5. brighter, clearer, healthier skin
  6. relief from aches & pains
  7. reduction in inflammation 
  8. improved immune system 

Anyone with a future retreat booking will qualify for free access to the first 'Body Toolkit Virtual Retreat' (worth £297). To claim a free place, please just get in touch with me by sending an enquiry here.

Included in the 7-Day Virtual Retreat:

  • Full access to The Body Toolkit's 7-day detox programme
  • Coaching ahead of the retreat: what you will need & how to prepare
  • Support with preparing the juice & soup recipes
  • 4 x 1 hour gentle yoga classes with Daniela Lanaia
  • Daily 4 x 1/2 hour coaching videos with me (Katrina Mather) to guide you through each step of the retreat experience
  • Coaching on the detox process, nutrition, gut health, internal cleansing, earthing, emotional resilience, vision and goal identification
  • Guidance on magnesium therapy, oil pulling, dry skin body brushing, cold hydrotherapy, journalling and gratitude
  • Connection to the community also following the detox at home

I cannot emphasise enough what a difference Katrina’s guided retreat can make to your life. The Body Toolkit experience delivered far more than we could ever have expected.  We were completely nourished, nurtured, rested, educated, exercised and inspired.”  Willis & Joanne   

For more information about the Online Retreats see: The Body Toolkit Virtual Retreats

The Body Toolkit award-winning retreat programmes share simple, yet powerful things we can all do to nourish the body, reduce stress and help ourselves to thrive. For dates, availability and prices for upcoming retreats:

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