Our Story

The Body Toolkit is a first-of-its-kind concept, running detox and wellbeing retreats in the stunning and idyllic Scottish Highlands

The Body Toolkit was founded by Katrina Mather and fulfils her ambition to combine her passion for health and nutrition with her love for the Scottish Highlands.  In establishing The Body Toolkit she's created an unforgettable experience where techniques for creating exceptional health are shared in the most beautiful of settings.

Our beliefs:

At The Body Toolkit we're huge believers in the power of natural juice therapy for weight loss and wellbeing.  Dietary changes can make drastic changes to health and the way we feel - and juice cleanses are just one piece of the jigsaw.  We also appreciate the role of the mind in health, as well as other key components such as proper rest, nutrition and enjoyable exercise.  The Body Toolkit concept is a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving goals in health.

Our vision:

We want to share our beliefs and the techniques we've developed for good health as far and wide as possible.  The Body Toolkit blog already offers free information for anyone looking to make a serious difference to their health and quality of life.  Our motivation comes from our belief that low life expectancy needn't be Scotland's fate.  Good health is very much within our reach, all we need are the right tools to claim it.

Katrina's story:

“12 years ago my own health issues led me to look for better solutions, and in doing so I slowly began to appreciate the body’s staggering ability to heal given the right conditions.  The tools I put together helped me so much over the years that I've felt compelled to share them with others.  I’m passionate about the fact that even the tiniest of changes to the way we treat the body and the way we think, can make dramatic differences to the way we feel.”  

Our Story